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Utawarerumono Episode 11

Posted by Emi on June 24, 2006

The episode began in the village with Oyaji and other men working the land. Oyaji said, "Don't worry. An-chan will remain the same no matter how much power he has."

Meanwhile at the castle, Hakuoro planned to gather leaders from surrounding countries to form an alliance to fight against Yue, but the ceremony, so to speak, is interrupted when Teoro Oyaji-san ran in and said that the enemy attacked their village and was coming towards the castle. After Oyaji said that everyone from the village escaped and was safe, Hakuoro preparesd troops for defense, and as the enemy charged, the castle's new defense mechanism was revealed. (It's hard to describe. Think spikes pointed towards you while you're running towards it at top-speed. When I saw it, I was amazed, and screamed, "Ohmigawd, that's so cool!") Inside the castle, Oyaji began to bleed profusely and soon enough died. A spirit came up to him, and it was his wife, followed by some of his friends from the village. The background changed to a meadow-like scenery, and they walked off.

Outside, you see that Hakuoro's troops defeated the enemy, and their bodies littered the courtyard in front of the castle. Then one enemy soldier feebly got up and warned Hakuoro that there are more after him.

After the battle, Eruruu, Hakuoro, Aruruu, and others gathered around Oayji's body which was settled in a futon now. Aruruu, who is only a child, thought Oyaji is simply sleeping and tried to nudge him awake. Then Kurou entered the room and sat next to Benawi and gave a report, which included that the entire village Oyaji was from was destroyed by the enemy and no one survived the attack. Hakuoro tried to explain to Aruruu that Oyaji won't wake up again, but she tried even harder to wake Oyaji, and she cried harder and screamed. Kurou restrained her and Eruruu applied a chloroform-like medicine to knock her out. Feeling faint and weak on her legs, Eruruu falls back on Hakuoro who applied the same medicine to her.

During a meeting, Benawi told Hakuoro that he believes that the enemy was from Kuccha Kecchu (?) and Oboro asks for the order to attack them and therefore avenge the death of the entire village, but Hakuoro had to tell him to be quiet.

While having a few drinks with Karura, they talked about the enemy and how they were already dead, meaning they already accepted death. (When she first said it, I thought she meant they were like zombies.)

Hakuoro sees Aruruu and Eruruu sleeping. When he pulled the blanket over Eruruu, she held onto his hand in her sleep. (So cute.)

The next day, one of Hakuoro's messengers returned from Kuccha Kecchu, severely wounded. Before he died, he says that Kucchu Kecchu was the enemy, and Hakuoro called out troops to attack. During the march to the enemy's grounds, Aruruu, riding on Mukuru, said to Hakuoro, "Daddy is scary right now." Then, Hakuoro's soldiers are ambushed and surrounded. They pull together a defense against the enemy, and a female, armed with a sword, introduced herself as Touka, and she rushed in to attack the leader but is blocked by Karura. Another male shouted at Hakuoro, but he addressesd him as Rak Shine, and says that he's his half-brother and a traitor.

My Thoughts: This episode made me wish I knew how to make screen caps. The animation was definitely upped. And I cried. A lot. Oyaji was one of my favorite characters because of his laid-back attitude (yet he could still fight well) and his strong personality, and he seemed like such a nice fatherly character, and watching him bleed to death was pretty painful. Also, knowing that an entire village full of the most innocent and kindest people was destroyed tears at your heart strings. Though I didn't cry when Oyaji's and the other's spirits walked away, I did cry the most in Aruruu's scene. She's just a kid and she's already surrounded by death and violence, and seeing her trying to deny Oyaji's death was tearful. >_< It looks like Hakuoro's past is coming up to the surface. I wondered how the enemy recognized him with his mask. Touka seems like a really cool character too. (This episode needed more Benawi scenes.)

From the previews, it looks like Oboro is going to fight Touka, and Karura gets some more time to shine.


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