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"Guess I'm a little bent that way." —Fujioka Haruhi, Ouran High School Host Club

Name: L.Y.
Occupation: HS Student
Location: Maryland
Birthday: June 18 (same as Kim Jae Won, Ella Chen)

This is my first attempt to actually blog anime. But with a DSL connection shared among three computers in a single household, I can only download so much… plus, my router goes on the fritz frequently.

This blog is mainly going to be about anime I watch and manga I read. In regards to that, I watch subtitled anime episodes since I have no access to RAWs (other than YouTube) and I understand little Japanese–and by little I mean the basics like "oyasumii" and the like (Hell, I barely understand Cantonese). By the way, I love Osakan accents for some reason. I've been losing interest in downloading manga so most of the manga I read will already be out in bookstores in the US. Also, I may write about the occasional drama, but I've been slugging in that category. i.e. I haven't watched many lately.

Basically, I'm more of a casual fan of anime/manga. I don't obsess over a million series and let it "consume" me. I rarely attend conventions since all I do is shop. ^^;

Warning: I may rant about my actual life, but I'll keep that down to a minimum. It'll be a rare occurrance once my friend gets our "new" blog up and running again.

(All images are not mine, but belong to their respectful owners.)

Word choice is not my forte.

FYI. The domain name (Sakura Kiss) is from the song of the same title sung by Chieco/Chieko Kawabe. The song is also the opening theme for my favorite anime of the Spring 2006 season (and possibly my entire life), Ouran High School Host Club. However, I use "Pixel Smiley" as the blog name because the whole "pixel blank" thing has been with me for a while. ^^;


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